Water Conservation – be water smart, not water short

Water is a valuable resource in Washington.  Using our resources wisely will help us fill the needs of people, industries, businesses and farms, while also keeping fish and other aquatic life alive and well.  Across the state these water users have diverse needs and goals we must find a way to share limited, fluctuating supplies.

Many factors impact water availability.  Climate change is resulting in reduced snow packs and higher temperatures.  Rapid population growth means that more water is used.  And economic expansion contributes to an increase in paved surfaces, which means more stormwater runoff and allows less water to be absorbed through the ground.

Water conservation—using water efficiently and avoiding waste—is fundamental to ensuring water availability in the future.  In order to protect our water supply everyone can practice conservation.  In our businesses, schools, and homes, using water more efficiently will lessen the effects of limited water supply.